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Our Menu

We create the right mix ….


Exceptional smoothies made with real whole fruit100% fruit juice, optional probiotic rich low fat yogurt and the result is a blend of perfection

Herbal Tea Infusions

Immerse yourself and stimulate your senses with the healing and cleansing benefits of our herbal tea infusions.

Cold Pressed Juices

This is the real deal. Behold the highest quality of fresh juices made with the king of extraction techniques- cold press technology, thus minimizing oxidation and maintaining maximum nutritionlive enzymes and phytochemicals in the juice with an extended shelf life of up to 72hours refrigerated.


Fab Juice’s parfaits are popularly known as a ‘meal in a cup’ delicious and nutritious mix of real whole fruit, fresh Greek yogurt and, topped with an assortment of dry toppings & fresh fruits

Sandwiches & Wraps

Looking to eat healthy at all times? Now you can grab a healthy heart friendly sandwich or wrap on the go and refuel any time of the day


Made with real whole fruit and wholesome milk with no high corn fructose syrup and additives


Beat the cold with a steaming brew of French Press coffee… All For the love of coffee!

Boosters & Super food Add-ons

Super charge your smoothie with an additional superfoodproteinspecific mineralsvitamins or antioxidants for extra health benefits. Just ask us to add it to your smoothie.

Frozen Yogurt

FAB Frozen Yogurt is the best there is out there! Low Calories, variety of healthy toppings available at our Lekki store!


Explore our wide variety of salads and break the monotony of a boring diet

Cleanse/Weightloss Plan

Our Cleanse and Weight Loss Plan is based on a juice diet of fruits and vegetables that detoxifies your body, lowers your body weight and rejuvenates your beauty.

We know the right mix...

  • for your weight loss
  • detox
  • nutritional needs

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