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our story

Fab Juice Bar is a revolutionary brand of cold pressed juice bars; an innovation of young enthusiasts and passionate advocates for a healthy, active and fun lifestyle using the very best of natural fresh organic products; fruits, vegetables and probiotic rich low fat yogurt.

Our inspiration comes as the rise of fast foods becomes a part of the fabric of our society with no alternatives for the health conscious consumer.

We intend to bridge that gap and be a leading and widely recognized brand of juice bars known as “the healthy alternative”.

We exist primarily just for you, as we connect the health conscious to healthy natural food and drink alternatives; provides tips to the curious on the benefits of adopting a natural consumption lifestyle and inspire a movement for positive healthy nutrition alternatives.

Here at FAB we treat you as family and we make it our goal to provide you with the freshest of organic produce straight from the farms and dutifully prepared with the strictest of hygiene practices to give you the very best of healthy and irresistibly tasty nutrition. We innovate to help you achieve the daily intake requirements of fruits and vegetables (as stated by WHO), overall wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle through detox plans, weight loss plans, nutritional tips and healthy irresistibly tasty meals.

We are FUN, we are HIP, we are HEALTHY!!!

Come join us for a fab experience!!!

Now let’s get fab!!!

Our Vision
Our vision is to be the leading and most recognized brand of juice bars offering our customers a better and healthier lifestyle alternative with exceptional value and a wow experience each time.

our guarantee

Create amazingly healthy and great tasting natural products
Make fresh and nutritious juices and smoothies each time Use only the best quality ingredients, machinery and production processes Offer our customers exceptional value and a wow experience every time Make being healthy easy and fun Deliver friendly customer service Give you a reason to smile